Europe's wartime sites still matter

Why bother with war memorials? Who cares about abandoned battlefields and aged soldiers recalling their glory days? Why waste tax dollars on cemeteries and monuments? Why pay big bucks to go to Europe to visit old war zones and bomb sites?
Glad you asked. Because my long-time travel-writing colleague Tom Douglas, a Burlington, Ontario, journalist, author, historian and war expert, has the answers. He's passionate about the importance of Canada's role in the two world wars and about the valour and the sacrifice of the thousands of young Canadians who fought those battles.Read more >>

Bread -- Glorious Bread

I eat the stuff. I bake the stuff. I give the stuff away. I deplore the 'condensed fog' that's passed off as bread in supermarkets. Most of all I revel in new varieties of bread, their history, their lore, their special secrets.

A new year, a new blog -- all about bread.

Herewith I embark upon an exploration of bread in all its shapes and styles -- not only with this blog but also with an upcoming seminar at University of Toronto, St. Michael's College (see for course details) and ultimately (I hope) a book.Read more >>

Holland welcomes Canadian war veterans

 This year, the Dutch celebrate the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Holland by Allied forces, in May, 1945. Between September 1944 and May 1945 approximately 13.000 allied soldiers were killed in the Netherlands. Key to the liberation was the 1st Canadian Army. And Holland never forgets.

El Al security tops them all

The travel industry is in trouble. Big trouble. Paranoia and hysteria rule in the ranks of Homeland Security and the other dweebs who are busily crafting draconian rules to punish innocent travellers for the sins of the few.

And worst of all, airports worldwide are falling into lockstep with the U.S., creating delays, cancellations, meaningless searches and miserable travel experiences.

What a pity that officials don't stop and take a look at security procedures at El Al, perhaps the most threatened airline on the planet but remarkably free of terrorist attacks. It's not that they don't try – but they get caught.Read more >>

Tour visits Canadian war memorials

For history buffs and veterans' families, the Great Canadian War Memorial tour offered by Globus is designed by Canadians for Canadians, honouring all who served our country in both world wars.Read more >>

Lend a hand -- Save the world

Can travel resolve the world's woes? The politicians and pundits don't think so, of course, because they'd rather wage war, sell weapons and squirrel away the proceeds.


But if we're really concerned for disadvantaged people struggling with famine, disease and lack of education, why not give travel and tourism a chance?Read more >>

RV there yet????


The RV – our home on the road – is gaining in popularity. Of courses the call of the open road has always been audible but during the affluent years, when air travel was relatively cheap and nowhere near as irksome as it is now, RVs lost some of their lustre.


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